Weird sources for building material.

I have spent couple of hours on these bed frames, well-the boxes as I call them, because they are not proper frames. Inside of those cloth covered items-you can find some boards, usually pine.

What is interesting is the fact that they are not very well planed or sanded smooth. Why is that a good thing-when you use those for your rustic projects, sand them lightly, keep the surface imperfections intact-after you apply your finish, they will look absolutely awesome. It would be really hard to achieve this look simply by destroying/ageing a nice/store bought board.

Now, I know this is not an easy job, especially taking staples and nails out, but hey- there is no way you will be able to recycle wood without getting some splits in your hands. Buy yourself some decent tool, I just bought a reciprocating saw with the blade to cut metal (nails)- I can not stretch enough how  much easier my life has become.




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