Love coffee? Build a coffee table then.

This particular table was especially fun to make. I found a piece of glass around my house and decided to build something to utilize it. I bought a tile sheet at B&Q-by the way-these guys have some interesting sales quite often and the rest of the wood comes from my neighbour`s  attic.

The frame is sanded but I kept a lot from original looks, all nail holes and dark spots, cracks and imperfections. There is no stain though, this is natural colour and I applied a clear satin varnish to protect the wood.  The tile in the shelf is glued on and filled out with grey concrete- I like this a lot more than grout. Wood scraps built around the tile have 4 layers of walnut stain and clear varnish.

All comes out pretty cool I think, this is again-some very simple techniques applied here, extra long dowels and butt joinery-which is absolute entry level into wood working.