Close to zero investment projects.

These tv stands are made almost entirely from recycled pallets. How available are these? If you live in a city, even a small one-you will be surprised how many of free pallets you would be able to collect. The fun part is that the best ones fit for the rustic projects are the old looking, kinda at the end of their life spam. Now, be careful not to use the wood that is rotten, it has to bear time damage on it, but make sure when you look inside-there is still life in it, nice strong despite the tired looks.

True, breaking down the pallets is not an easy job, but if you have a good saw, pry bar- you can break quite few in one hour and use them for your project.  If you need some info on how to do this efficiently-YouTube has got dozens of instructional videos out there.  I recommend Izzy Swan channel, this guy is a wood genius in my humble opinion.


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