Light them up.

I have been seeing this industrial trend popping up in the design of many places recently. Loads of stores, restaurants and pubs are being fitted with these cool looking lightning, dining rooms, hallways, even toilets.

I am working on few projects of this kind myself, access to certain items seems to be somehow restricted, especially when it comes to flanges- they tend to be quite expensive.  I think you could replace  cast iron with some other metal and give it a great, natural looks with specific paint if you wish.

Take a look at these ideas, trust me-they are super simple to put together, you do not need an extensive electrical knowledge or any fancy tools. Those amazing, vintage light bulbs are available on Amazon and Ebay for about a tenner each, depending on style.

A combination of pipes and wood makes it really interesting,  great part of this kind of design is that you can utilize literally any wood scrap you manage to find in your shop or even a skip. The lamp base does not have to be massive, you can finish it any way you like.

18Now, this fella here is a very interesting idea, a dimmer inserted into a piping fixture serves dual purpose: on/off/dimmer switch and totally surprising  placement for this essential part of the lamp. You do not expect to have this within the piping system at all, turning the tap makes the light brighter- awesome idea I think.

Design is not the only element worth mentioning here, those lamps are built from proper materials, it is not some cheap, plastic China made crapola that will break after one week, this is a solid piece, one that will last for a while. Not only that, being able to rearrange this item whenever you feel like it is also nice touch tough.

Take a look at these, shop around or maybe even visit a boot sale or a junk yard to collect some parts, remember-re purposing is THE idea on the table here, I only purchase things I was unable to reuse.

Have fun.

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