Glass/Wood coffee table, work in progress.

This is work in progress, so pictures are not the highest quality, I have taken them with my phone camera in my shop. But I would like to post some of them to show how easy it is to build some of these projects.

This table is built out of material I have collected earlier, frame wood is very old, sound and solid, it has served many decades in some one else`s house before I got to it. Plenty of rusty nails were pulled out, but the nail holes will not be filled, this is the spirit and character of this kind of furniture. So do not worry about some chips and imperfections of the material, if they were not there, I would have to “invent” them, smashing fresh wood with tools and scratching up to give this rustic looks.


As you can see, very easy joinery applied to this, pocket screws  and butt joints all over, but  even with this you can build almost anything you like. Bottom supported by corner wood glued and screwed into the frame. Those dowels ( only couple at this stage) are here to strengthen the joints, but also I purposely left them fresh colour and sticking out a bit, to make this more interesting.

Piece in the middle is a tile mosaic dropped in, and the bottom is a rough (but sanded nicely) recycled and unstained boards.  Top will comprise of a dimmed and hardened glass and no frame at all. I like the combination of different materials, from tile, to wood and glass. The glass to will be secured with nothing more but 4 anti slippery pads glued firmly to the frame.

Now, this is not too far from finish. The entire project needs cleaning and a layer of protective varnish. I will use clear/matt spray on, to avoid changing the colours of the frame, I kinda like the way it looks now, stain-any stain will change this colour permanently.

So, this is it, not finished yet, I just wanted to share this and encourage anyone to start building something, especially out of recycled materials, there is a untold abundance of it in every city…


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