Cheap is what-illusion of quality.

We live in a funny times folks, we can get almost everything we think we need in life in a local store, sometimes at a really attractive price, but… yeah, lifespan is also a vital part of the design. That means things you buy are destined to go to the bin at a certain time, usually not very long time. Why?  Because some “wise guy” or a bunch of wise guys figured out this idea  that if we start producing more short lived items, then naturally people will be forced to replace them more often-what does that mean-we are going to make more money simply by producing crap.

These are the boards, chip boards that are commonly used to build furniture, not only the cheap ones, quite expensive as well.  Now, there is nothing wrong with utilizing all we can and those sure come in handy, but they are far from quality you would be looking when shopping for real furniture, something that would last for decades.

This is a very common reason why I avoid furniture, cheap, China made and design to end up in the landfill within couple of years. Especially if you live in the climate with high humidity, these boards will soak up moisture real quick, as the wood tends to equalize with the environment over time.

This is why your doors are hanging low, drawers dropping down, screws coming out of frames and such.  This is not done by accident, today`s idea of economy could be summed up like this:

“take more out of the earth, produce cheap and sell expensive , and dump more rubbish back into earth”, the more and the faster you repeat this process-the more “successful” you will be, madness it seems, has been redefined in this century.

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