Look around, the abundance of building material.

I have made some comments regarding how I get my building material, how-if you look around you can find skips full of amazing wood, all shapes and forms, and most importantly-aged and rustic looking.

With this in my, every time I drive home and see a skip full of wood-I perform so called “dumpster diving” . Not literally getting into the skip, but collecting wood that presents no value to anyone any more.

If you intend to build a rustic looking wine rack, table or any other piece-there is no better way to find the proper wood, you can go and buy fresh boards and spend hours “ageing” it, beating it up and staining. That all requires time, money and loads of effort, instead pick up old board, full of imperfections, rusty nail holes and history. Then you ready to work and the nature will give you all you need.

And-you have just saved some wood from going into the land fill or chipping machine.

Action time…

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