Useful ideas, occupy small spaces.

There are number of things anyone can do around the house to improve the standard of living, to clean up your food and ultimately enjoy better health-thus avoid public health system that treats everything with paracetamol.

One of those things is a home garden for fresh herbs and if you live in a more spacious place-you could grow some of the veg yourself as well and stop buying chives from Vietnam in your local Lidl.

Home gardens come in all shapes and forms, really the only defining factor for the design is the amount of space you would like to dedicate to this project.

I am not sure how much you like cooking or food in general, but let me tell you one thing, fresh herbs in your dish can make a huge difference, not only visual and taste wise, but also providing some important nutrients.

So take a look at these ideas, people have been doing that for years and even though living in the city does not exactly fit into agricultural picture trust me, there are ways to make it work and get some funky food in the process.

All of these can be build out of recycled wood, like pallets, wine boxes etc. You can integrate this project with your flat, house or already existing garden.

Have fun.