Things are changing…

This will start little pessimistic, but the intention is not to pursue depression and anxiety but to prepare ourselves for changes that are coming very soon. We all hear the usual boloney that comes from tv-” the economy is getting much better people, we have just created 100 000 jobs…Right…

They forgot to mention 87 000 of these newly created jobs are in the service sector; waiters, shelve stockers, maids in the hotel and burger flippers, right for the fresh batch of graduates this year. Boys and girls with diplomas, £30 000+ in debt for education and fresh, new start-right into the job that has long hours, no benefits and pays £ 6.50 per hour. I let you do the math and figure out how wonderful life prospects are ahead of these young people.
And “job creation” is number 1 on every politician list BEFORE the election, somehow later on, they tend to forget all that…

So having this sad intro behind us, it would not be a bad idea to shift from complaining and blaming game and focus on solution to this problem, because if you think it will come from the hands of a politician- you are up for rude awakening and sure as hell, the day of “zero account” is coming sooner that you think.

Give it a shot and search for a job with your qualifications but keep your mind open to the possibility that you might end up in the work force “created by government” and that means working shit job for shit money for a very, very long time.

Great thing about harsh times is the fact that it forces people to think. When the comfort of secured job, pension and other ” necessities” that we got so accustomed to vanish- people usually get off their butts and start creating their life instead of just waiting for it to come on the silver platter.

That part is the meat and potatoes of this post. We have been put into a very uncertain situation and it is up to us to make a living-stop asking for one and do something about it.
How? That is very individual case for each of us, what do you want? What do you like to do? What can you do to make money and possibly be happy doing at the same time?

These questions have to be answered in your head so to speak. What rocks my boat might not be interesting for you at all, so think about it and make a plan of action for yourself. I just hope that you are in such comfortable place in life that you can choose, and do not have to influence your choices by bills and food and kids crying for nintendo all day.

The thing is-we do not have much choice, and time is working against us, why?

American dollar is still reserve currency on this planet ( not for long though) and USA being the only country able to issue this currency is doing something called QUANTITATIVE EASING- that is a fancy way of PRINTING MONEY.
Yes, they are printing new, crispy Benjamins like there is no tomorrow. Guess what, how does it take to devalue the world reserve currency??? What do you think will happen after dollar goes down the pipe??

Petrol is being traded with dollars…your food, all stuff you buy every day is mostly delivered by trucks that run on petrol…are you getting the picture?

So we get back to solution part. A- divest for starters. Stop buying shit you do not need with the money you do not have (credit card for example). Do not be an idiot who pays 18% of interest on something that was worth £ 30 and you did not like it the minute you got home. Just stop. Period.

B- Create a community. Get to know the people who think alike, have skills that can come in handy and are decent enough to be trusted. I can not stretch enough importance of this-” no man is an island” is right on the money here.

C- Find the way to create a business. Anything, anything that you would enjoy enough to wake up in the morning on Saturday and be happy to do. And make sure it puts food on your table- playing Xbox all day will not feed you-no matter how much yo love this crap.

That is my take on what is ahead of us, we will expand on that a lot in the future. I would love you to share your ideas and put forward some success stories here.