Divest baby

This idea was not originally mine, I adopted (work in progress) from one of my smart friends- Dean Clifford from Canada. Let me quickly introduce you to this way of thinking/living. Most us can see that things are going south, at every aspect of life, so if we do not change anything- we will continue going that direction.

One day, when you have a minute I want you to do a little exercise at home. Look around and acknowledge how much stuff you have, that you can absolutely live without. Open your wardrobe and look at the clothes you haven`t had on for the last 6 years-start  with that and proceed around the house. You will be shocked how much money you spent on crap you do not need. Think how many months, maybe years you had to work, to buy this crap…

I keep butting heads with my girlfriend over shopping for things that do not serve any purpose, like pillows, pillows to make the bed look nice-not to use them as the pillow inventor intended-to put your head on it. What the hell??? Or buying 1234453 pair of shoes, that will end up in the corner and most likely will be never worn, things like that.

One thing I have done, was getting rid of television. It was hard, my favourite shows, games etc. were waiting for me when I got back from work and now I have to talk, read or do something that requires a little more effort than being in alfa state and drooling:)

But funny thing has happened. My mind started to get more sharp, thinking started becoming easy and logic centres are clearly getting back in order. Amazing feeling. The only downward part of this process is the fact of noticing stupidity that surrounds us virtually everywhere.

Try it, if you don`t want to cut tv cold turkey-try not to watch it for lets say a week, then two, then a month and later you will be amazed how could you watch this shit ever in the first place.

That`s a take one on divestment. much more coming soon.

Thanks Dean, I owe you big time. Find him and his work at www.deanclifford.info

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