Debt-what the hell it is all about?

We all constantly hear about ever mounting debt that every country seems to be in. But what does that exactly mean? Did we all applied for some high calibre loans from the government and failed to keep our end of the deal or what? I do not recall submitting any applications of this kind in my life.  So where does it come from then? Well, the main stream will tell you all bunch of crap stories of how our gov is trying their best to make our lives wonderful and thus they need a pile of money to do so. But anyone with one eye-even lazy eye can see that the standard of living in virtually every country is going to shambles.

This is not the best platform to get in deep in this subject, rather I want you to understand that this scheme is going nowhere, debt will mount and will strongly affect our crumbling economy even more. Why am I saying that? Because it means that the jobs will keep on going overseas, where big companies can hire 14 year old factory workers for a fraction of what they would have to pay you.You might think that going to college and getting some degree will get you out of a jam- unless it is some medical degree or engineering one- you are up for the rude awakening my chump. Nowadays there are thousands of college graduates that work stocking shelves at Tesco, pumping gas or washing cars. And that is not going to change any time soon. It all looks doom and gloom I guess, but come to think of it- there is now an open room for creative people. People that do not want to work at Asda, call centres or any other brain crashing job. It`s true, these jobs will still have to be done, but technology will replace cashiers, call answering people, and who knows, maybe even shelve stockers.

And then what? What are you going to do with your diploma, great job experience at Tesco??? That`s right, not the whole much my friend. It is time to wake the hell up people. The current system is not working, middle class is disappearing with the speed of light and soon, there will be only 2 kinds of people on the planet: 1-elite-very small group of wealthy corporation owners, and  2- millions of obedient shelve stockers, that are waiting for an opportunity to make enough money working 16 hours a day to feed a family.

Tell you what- I will be dammed if fall into that second category. Not that I feel special, not because I have a wealthy daddy, just because I say so, and I will work my ass off to have my own business and stick a middle finger into face of Tesco kind of job.

…to be continued

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