Debt- chapter 2

It is clear at this point, and no one denies that the tab for this “debt” will be passed onto working class people. Big boys, huge corporations have enough lobbying friends in government to help them get out of every jam, let it be paying taxes for example- that`s  a fact, not my presumption.

If you really want to get to the bottom of things/system visit this guy-it will blow your mind out: I must warn you, things are so far out there-so not what you have been thought to be, that it will be a tough pill to swallow, it`s worth it though…

Having this gloom scenario in front of us, the question still stands-what can we do about it? Taking on the big boys is in my opinion a waste of time, and given the fact that we do not have the same resources-a job like this will be painful. There are other things that you can do to make a dent on reality and change things for better. One, is to stop feeding your energy to the broken system. How you do it? By changing small habits that govern your daily lives. What is the single most powerful activity you do on the daily basis? Shopping my friends-yup. It`s where you spend your money ( skimmed by taxing up the ass) is what determines which company thrives and which one goes bust. It is that simple!

I am not advocating going monk- shaving your head, eating wheat grass and chanting all day. What I mean is change your habits. Instead of shopping at huge supermarkets that violate just about every law in existence- shop at small, neighbourhood and family owned  shops. Support local businesses, and most importantly- eat clean people. When you buy this box food- the box is more nutritious than what`s in it!!!  I will scrap some article about food little later. And one, most important thing if you want to change your life for better- GET RID OF TELEVISION!!! Cut the cable subscription, stop making your brain to mush with all this crap they feed you, grab a book, do some research online, go play ball or something.

Back to making money, it looks like I steered away from point. Ya, jobs are disappearing, wages going south, and legislations are being put in place to make it ever so easy to fire you butt at any point from work. The revolution time is coming, revolution of mind, ideas, and connectivity. The only people, apart from trust fund babies-will be the ones that can create something unique, and more- they can interest other people enough to make them spend their money.  On how you do it-we will be constantly updating as we build this forum, I would love to see some of your ideas, ideas that will connect a bigger society one day, groups of people that are interested in cooperation instead competition, in value instead of volume and in honesty instead a corporate greed ,we`ll see, I will do my part to bring my ideas into life.

I am starting with recycled wood working, designing something unique, that you will not find in Ikea, build out of abundant re-purposed material and sold into homes of my fellow humans.

Where we go from there- I will leave it up to you, I am here to help and work together…

Till next time guys..

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